How to initiate chat with a guy you like

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Guys usually approach the first to get acquainted and enter into the relations. But if the nice young man does not hurry to take the plunge, it is possible to show an initiative independently. For this purpose, it is necessary to know how to begin a conversation with the pleasant guy and to interest him. Reject doubts! It is simpler to make it, than can seem.

Whether it is worth sending message first

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Often are afraid to begin communication even through social networks. But there is nothing complex in it. It is more effective, than just to wait when the beloved decides to strike up a conversation with you. In that case when you are not familiar with it at all, there is no other way out – it is necessary to write. If you miss the chance of the romantic relations, then will be bitterly sorry.

It is interesting that girls usually the first start communication with an opposite sex in Japan. In it there are many pluses, for example, couples, initiators of acquaintance in which were girls, get divorced less often. That is why you should not be afraid to show an initiative.

Occasions to stick acquaintance to the guy who you like

So, you already decided to write to the elect, but do not know what to begin with. The occasion that communication was started is necessary. For this purpose, be defined that at you the general:

Pay attention to its page on social network. Perhaps, you have mutual friends or earlier you in one place worked or studied. All this gives interesting subjects for discussion.

Find common interests. Ask on literary or musical addictions. Study in what communities the young man consists. But if it seems that there are no general subjects, it is not an occasion to lower hands.

Ask the guy that he thinks of the future premiere of the popular movie. Ask whether there was he at cinema, whether the picture was pleasant to him. If he did not watch the movie, ask that he will advise.

If the young man is pleasant to you, it is necessary to show an initiative. To start a long and interesting conversation with him advice of psychologists will help.

There are several ways allowing to strike up acquaintance to the guy on the Internet. We learn how it is possible to begin a conversation with the guy in live chat room.

Pay attention to examples of the most effective phrases for this case:

  • Ask the guy directly: “Hi! Do you not against to get acquainted?” It will designate your intentions at once, and the young man will surely react.
  • Be sincerely. Write: “I know that we are not familiar with you. There was a wish to communicate to the interesting person, I decided to write to you. Let’s correspond!”. It is unlikely the interlocutor will refuse.
  • Think up an occasion. Ask the guy in chat room: “Can you advise me some interesting book? So sadly, there is a wish to distract. It seems to me, I already on light re-read everything …”. Of course, to strangers it is usually not written. But it can intrigue the guy, he will become interested in that who you are and how you found out about him.
  • Write the opinion about some of posts of the young man. Try to tell something encouraging, positive. Ask what was pleasant to him in the read book or as far as impressed a group concert which he visited. Show imagination, a creative.
  • Use the phrases for acquaintance. The main thing – to remove constraint and to venture to begin communication.

Subjects to chat about

When the guy read your message and answered, it will become clear whether it is worth continuing communication with him. If the cam boy says that he does not want to get acquainted as he in the relations, so is not your option. Apologize and switch the attention to someone of another. You may want to practice initiating chats with Camera Boys using live chat rooms where guys are waiting for girls to hit them up while they stream live webcams and trying to seduce horny girls or gay boys. The point is that men are men, and they react the same way in most cases.

If the guy with pleasure answered questions you asked in chat room and decided to continue a conversation with pleasure – it is a good sign. It is possible to stir this interest by means of a fascinating conversation. Choose a suitable subject and start:

If the cam boy has an unusual hobby, for example, cookery, playing a French horn, ask to tell about him in more detail. Men share the hobbies with pleasure and love when admire them.

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Ask where your crush had a vacation that impressed him. Learn what rest he prefers – extreme or more measured. Take an interest whether it is pleasant to him to bathe and sunbathe on the beach or he loves excursions and active leisure.

Discuss the theatrical performances, movies, interesting exhibitions which are taking place in the city. At first ask whether is interested the guy something from the above-mentioned. Have a talk about novelties in literature.

Learn also what is pleasant to the guy, and then tell about yourself. But do not go too far, guys not really love talkative girls. How to keep up the conversation If you communicate with the guy in real life, it is simple to keep up the conversation too. Anything – cafe, gym or even a stop of public transport can be the suitable place for a conversation.

Conversation is possible as follows: Do not afraid to approach the unfamiliar young man and to begin a conversation. For example: “Hi! My name is Pam! And you?”. Remember a name of the guy and repeat several times. It will be pleasant to the interlocutor. Act on circumstances. Complain that the minibus long does not go, ask his opinion on whether the rain will start. Even the ordinary conversation with the man on weather leads to a long interesting conversation. The good option – ask the guy for help with something. For example, help with heavy bags, to hold a door etc.. It will become an excellent opportunity for the new acquaintance to show the force. Do not forget to tell at the end: “Thanks!”. Guys very much love compliments therefore you should not stint them. Praise his figure, note an interesting smell of perfume, fashionable stylish clothes.

You should not tighten your conversation. It will be ideal if you unexpectedly leave. Refer to the fact that you are waited by houses or you hurry on a meeting with girlfriends. Surely smile to the interlocutor at parting and tell how it was pleasant to communicate to him. If you were pleasant to the guy, he will want to continue communication – will ask your phone number or will suggest to meet again. Options of the questions Communicate only on abstract subjects are not necessary. If it was succeeded to begin communication with the young man, ask him the correct questions. So, you will manage to know well the interlocutor, but provided that you will listen carefully to him. If you are incompetent in some questions, suggest to talk about something another.

Girls cannot always understand at once how to start talking to the interlocutor and about what to communicate with him.

We offer several leading questions which will help to recognize the man closer:

  • Do you believe in resettlement of souls?
  • And whom you would like to become in the following life?
  • What are you doing in free time?
  • How do you like to have a rest?
  • What is closer to you – villages or big cities? Would you like to live in the apartment or the private house?
  • What country or the city abroad would you like to visit?
  • What religious trend is closer to you?

While you are asking questions, listen carefully that your crush answers. It will help to recognize closer the elect and to decide on as far as he suits you. If your outlooks on life are too contradictory, think whether it is necessary to continue communication in a romantic key.

Possible mistakes

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In communication with the nice guy of the girl are often lost and make a set of mistakes. Before starting a conversation with the pleasant young man, study the checked recommendations:

It is impossible to interrupt during the conversation. Girls quite often make such mistake. But even if you like to talk, better to listen it is more to be pleasant to the man.

You speak directly. If you hint the guy at something, he will think that you manipulate him.

Do not complain of problems in the life and bad family.

Do not tell about the diseases. It is not the most pleasant subject for the first appointments. It is not necessary to think over a conversation in advance.

Let your communication will be easy and easy. If the young man called you to descend with him somewhere, it is not necessary to take the girlfriend on an appointment. It can switch his attention to itself, as a result you will lose the potential boyfriend.

Advice from psychological point of view

Before beginning a conversation, listen to councils of psychologists. These recommendations will help not to become puzzled and gain the interlocutor:

  • Be not afraid to begin communication. Often girls doubt whether it is worth showing an initiative. If the guy refuses communication, it wounds female self-esteem. But if you just start talking to him, nobody learns about your feelings therefore you will lose nothing.
  • Smile more. Be not a sad and indecisive girl, otherwise communication will not turn out. Your smile surely will be pleasant to the young man. Subsequently he will remember long time a conversation and the charming interlocutor.
  • Communication has to be in suitable time. Specify in advance whether it is convenient to your elect to talk now. If he is strongly busy, you should not be upset. Perhaps someone strongly upset him therefore he does not want to communicate. It is not necessary to insist.
  • Be honest. Do not lie to the interlocutor and do not embellish the life, otherwise you will strongly disappoint him. Often girls tell a lie during correspondence in network. At a personal meeting the lie is opened, and it will not do good to your romantic adventure.

Though you long prepare for communication with the guy, during the conversation be natural. Do not try to subdue the young man. When you suit one another, it will become clear? If the man does not meet your expectations, it is possible to switch to someone else. Now you know how to begin a conversation with any guy which is pleasant. At you everything surely will turn out.